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Hello, so good to see you!
I am Kavitha Natarajan

CSR Professional | Social Worker | D&I | Counselling Psychologist | Speaker | Yoga Trainer & Entrepreneur | Sociopreneur | Menstrual Health Educator | Sustainability & Environment Enthusiast | Margadarshak

About Kavitha Natarajan!

Kavitha grew up in a traditional Tamil family, with immense interest for performing arts and culture. She began learning yoga at the age of 7 and towards the end of her teens she started her journey on the path of spirituality. There on for over 5 years, she sailed through many spiritual masters until she found her guru Pujyasri Swami Dayananda Saraswati ji, who not only blessed her with the Mantra Deeksha but also became her spiritual father. Living in Gurukulam, Kavitha studied Vedanta sastra under the guidance of Pujya Swamiji. After a few years at the Ashram, Kavitha decided to move to Hyderabad and she had the privilege of being connected with Swamiji’s direct disciple Swamini Sri Aatmalinananda Saraswati ji. Over the years she is closely associated with Swaminiji who became her friend, philosopher and guide.

Kavitha has over 21 years of experience in IT corporate sector along which she continued to pursue her journey as a Yoga trainer, Social Worker and as a Counseling Psychologist. Since 2019, Kavitha hasbeen working as a Corporate Social Responsibility professional, touching many lives; women and children in particular. She has been decorated with several awards for her contributions towards social welfare and education. Kavitha is an esteemed member in several associations and is known for her exemplary work on mental health and emotional wellbeing. She is a trained and certified Margadarshakby Telangana Police Department to help women in distress. She is a certified yoga trainer with a niche formeditation and yogic philosophy. She is also a naturally gifted vocalist, a percussion instrumentalist (daphli and dholak) and an excellent storyteller, which makes it an absolute feast to the ears to hear her
recite and sing the Gita, the mantras, sutras and the kirtans.